Services We Provide

Monthly Telecom Bill Review

We provide a detailed report that is easy to understand, every month via email.

Rate plan Analysis

Our expert staff and support, keep up with the ever changing telecom market, so we can ensure our clients have the best possible pricing for their unique usage habits.

Purchasing agent

We help facilitate the purchase of service and equipment at the best available pricing.

Credit follow up

We request and track credit for billing errors discovered during our monthly analysis.

Phone system implementation, (VOIP, PBX, PRI, POTS lines and more)

We help facilitate the procurement of new phone systems, with trustworthy service providers, and walk our clients through the changeover/ porting process.

What We Do

We allow you to be more productive running your business. We take the burden of dealing with your phone providers off you and your employees. We review your bills monthly and suggest ways to save money. We introduce new technology, and teach you how to implement it. We handle your phones, internet, yellow pages and much more.

Our Promise

Wireless Consultants will work diligently to find and maintain the best rates for your organization’s unique needs. We will continue to act as a liaison to help you with purchasing and negotiations. We will take the burden of dealing with the phone companies while saving you money every month.

How Much Can We Save Your Business?

Business TypeAvg. Annual SavingsHigh Annual Savings
Commercial Construction $6,467.88 $12,810.38
Fuel Distribution $4,669.86 $9,990.69
Funeral Homes $6,467.88 $4,752.57
Heating and Air $9,054.10 $10,528.32
Hospital $28,913.75 $33,979.13
Logistics $30,283.36 $44,894.28
Manufacturing $3,385.56 $5,029.80
Non-Profit Community Organization $26,495.20 $40,807.99
Rural County $17,426.96 $32,957.46
Rural Municipality $13,965.54 $19,201.74
Service Industry $5,796.94 $8,110.36
Small Retail $4,069.89 $6,859.76
Supply/Retail $52,461.65 $81,687.54

Our Process

Gather a history of your usage and charges.
Request approval for changes.
Implement changes that result in savings.
Monitor and maintain your telecom accounts.

How You Benefit

We save you Time and Money. You can rest assured, knowing that your company pays as little as possible for the services it uses. No more hassle with those complicated phone bills, or time consuming calls to an automated 800 number. We represent you and act on your behalf.


Our Compensation

After we complete our monthly comprehensive bill review, we will find and implement discounts and better prices for your existing services. We simply charge you a percentage of the actual savings you receive each month.