Olive Branch Landscape

"Olive Branch Landscape has had the privilege of working with Dan Host for the past year. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning of whether or not a wireless consultant could really save our company money or be worth my time; however, all of my concerns were to put rest the very first month.

Our first month of savings totaled over $300.00! I would have been satisfied with just the savings; however, the time I had spent previously mulling over cell phone bills was completely eliminated as well! Anything that saves time and money is well worth giving it a try.

Dan takes care of everything. He sends me monthly reviews of our account. He responds to all of our questions promptly. He lets me know if any employees are using cell services that do not fall within the parameters of their limitations. He always suggests additional cost cutting avenues, and he keeps us abreast of any deals we could utilize with our current service. For example, he recently notified us of a 40% off commercial tire purchase we qualified for because of our wireless service account. He had no idea we were in need of replacing tires on two work trucks at the time, and we had no idea we qualified for the program.

I cannot say enough good things about this service. I truly can't imagine not having this for our company. I would not only encourage, but implore any business to utilize Wireless Consultants, LLC. This truly is a great service for all businesses, no matter the size."


Amy Lawson
Office Manager

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