Edmund Burke Academy

"We have been associated with Wireless Consultants for several years. Dan Host and his colleagues were referred to us by a local business. Our communications bill had become such a disarray of confusion, complexity, and chaos that I made the decision to give Dan an opportunity to monitor our bills. I can honestly, and without doubt, say this decision was one of the best business decisions we have made as a school. Wireless Consultants saves us hundreds of dollars every month. We were able to eliminate unnecessary charges and have many fees waived. Dan was also instrumental in assisting us in combining several phone/internet lines to remove confusion as to which line is performing a specific duty. Our bill is now clean and easily understood.

Our experience with Wireless Consultants was so positive and fiscally sound that my wife and I contracted with Dan for our personal business. Dan cut our store's conununication bill by more than fifty percent and has handled a change to a more cost efficient service provider. I strongly recommend Wireless Consultants to all kinds ofbusinesses. Telecommunication has become an essential part of operations and Dan Host is a professional in cost control. I have also enjoyed working with Dan due to his relationship with Christ and the uplifting words he passes along to his customers. It is refreshing to see a business that is based on such strong principles. I know your relationship with Dan will be as beneficial and positive as the relationship we have with him at Edmund Burke Academy."


W. Brent Cribb

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