Community Hospice

"Community Hospice acquired the services of Wireless Consultants (Daniel Host) some months back and has seen significant savings every since. Both our wireless as well as landline phone costs have been reduced while services have remained the same or have been improved. Daniel Host and his team works relentlessly to insure that all appropriate discounts, credits, and etc. have been presented correctly on our phone statements. I have also found it useful to allow Dan and his team to be the liaison when ordering equipment from our carrier as well as advertising in the area phone books. Wireless Consultants expertise ofboth the wireless and land line phone networks is exemplary. I have been very pleased with the results produced by Wireless Consultants and Daniel Host. I would highly recommend his services to everyone.

Please feel free to call me for a formal reference."

Warmest regards,
Jason Colbert, CHPCA
Chief Executive Officer

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